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Why Do Buddhists Join Their Palms?

Why do Buddhists join their palms? Do Buddhists pray? Learn more here!

Buddhists around the world greet one another by joining their palms.  But why?

By joining the palms, Buddhists greet people in a graceful gesture that is also a dignified way of greeting people.  

The origins of this date back to ancient India (Añjali Mudrā), however Buddhists have some unique symbolism associated with this gesture:

  • Symbolizes the Dharma Realms:  When all ten fingers are together, it symbolically makes all ten “Dharma realms” become one
  • Buddha Nature:  It reminds the person of the Buddha nature within every being
  • Respect:  Folding the palms shows respect
  • Mind and Heart:  Concentrates our minds and our heart with the teachings of the Buddha

Buddhists join their palms as a graceful gesture to greet people, it also symbolizes the Dharma Realms and Buddha Nature, and concentrates our minds and heart with the Buddha’s teachings.

Thailand uses a beautiful gesture, called the “Wai“, which they incorporate into everyday life (see video below)

Featured Image: CC0 Photo by truthseeker08 on Pixabay
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